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Arizona Window Tinting Laws - Blackout AZ Queen Creek

​Vehicle Window Tinting Laws vary from State to State. Since we are Arizona based, we will only be discussing Arizona Tint Laws.

Arizona Tint Laws enacted in 1994.

Tint Darkness is measured in Visible Light Transmission (VLT). In Arizona the VLT % refers to the amount of visible light allowed through the tint film and the window.

Arizona Window Tint Law
Arizona Window Tint Laws

Front Windshield

  • Non-Reflective tint is allowed ONLY along the top of the windshield above the manufacturers AS-1 line.

Front Side Window

  • Must allow more than 33% of light in

Back Window

  • Any tint darkness can be used

How reflective can window tint be in Arizona?

Front Side Windows

  • Must not be more than 35% reflective,

​Back Side Windows

  • Must not be more that 35% reflective.

Other Arizona Tint Laws and Regulations

Restricted Colors

  • Any tint color or variation of RED is not allowed

Side Mirrors

  • Dual side mirrors are required if back windows are tinted

Certificate Requirements

  • Tint manufactures do not need to certify the film they sell in Arizona

Sticker Requirements

  • No stickers to require legal tinting is required

Medical Exemptions

  • Arizona allows exemptions for specialty tint. For more information consult Arizona Tinting Laws.


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