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Arizona Window Tinting: Keeping it Cool and Legal

Updated: Feb 7

Arizona's scorching desert sun brings more than just warmth. It also fuels the desire for cool car interiors and shaded escapes. Window tinting offers relief, but navigating the state's regulations can be tricky. Don't let your quest for comfort land you in hot water; here's a breakdown of Arizona's window tinting laws in 2024:

Darkness Defined:

  • Front Side Windows: The key players in visibility, these windows must allow at least 33% of light transmission (VLT). Think of it as 67% darkness – no darker than your standard sunglasses.

  • Windshield: Only a non-reflective tint is allowed above the manufacturer's AS-1 line, roughly the brow of your car. No smoked-out windshields!

  • Back Side and Rear Windows: No restrictions.

Reflection Rules:

  • Front Side and Back Side Windows: Keep it subtle - the maximum allowable reflectivity is 35%. Flashing mirrors and disco-ball vibes are a no-go.

Medical Exemptions:

Sun sensitivity? There's hope! You can apply for a medical exemption for any car you own or regularly ride in. A doctor's certification is your key to cooler cruising.

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